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A natural deodorant and disinfectant, Activated Carbon is one of the finest absorptive and adsorptive agents known. Orally administered, these odorless and tasteless powdered having an amazing ability to extract and neutralize thousands of times their own weight in gases, heavy metals, toxins, poisons and other chemicals. Activated Carbon is without rival as an agent for cleansing and assisting the healing process of the body, and orally administered activated charcoal has proven to be very effective in preventing many intestinal infections.

In its numerous applications, activated carbon represents a number of different functionalities:

  •   Adsorption: the most well-known mechanism, through physical adsorption / chemisorptions.
  •   Reduction: e.g., removal of chlorine from water is based on chemical reduction reactions
  •   Catalysis: activated carbon can catalyze a number of chemical conversions, or can be a carrier of catalytic agents (e.g. precious metals)
  •   Carrier of biomass: support material in biological filters
  •   Carrier of chemicals: e.g., slow release applications colorant: activated carbon's function in liquorices is its color
Activated carbon is the common factor in numerous applications. To list a few are:
  •   Our various grade of activated carbons are purified specially for pharmaceutical use and are used during the manufacturing of all bulk drugs, pharmaceutical, antibiotics, vitamins, fine chemicals and food products.
  •   It is being used in the filters meant for air & water purification to remove taste, odour, organic matters, hazardous industrial wastes.
  •   It is used in the beverage industry.
  •   It is being used for the decolorizing of sugar and sweeteners.
  •   Used for the off gas treatment of of waste incinerators.
  •   Color/Odour correction in wines & fruit juices.
  •   Due to its large surface area & inert nature, low ash activated carbon is used as catalyst carrier.
  •   Supports material in biological filters.
  •   Known as the universal antidote, it is used in hospital emergency rooms to neutralize drugs & poisons.
  •   Activated Charcoal powder can be used to assist the Immune System to do it's important work by helping to remove heavy metals, such as the Mercury in Silver Amalgam Tooth Fillings.
  •   Activated Charcoal powder can be used to draw-out the poison from Bee Stings or Snake Bites, or heal Bruises/Ulcerations/Inflammation and Injuries by using a Activated Charcoal Poultice.
  •   Activated Charcoal powder can be used for Food Poisoning, Indigestion, Gas and Colon Problems.
  •   Activated Charcoal powder can be used with a little Flax Oil for Inflammation of the Eyes.
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